Money Mantra

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Published: 09th November 2009
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Money Mantra

In this post and article there will be a discussion of the Money Mantra. The money mantra is a special highly specialized mantra which focuses on supporting the creation of money. This mantra called the money mantra is a special mantra.

The money mantra which develops money, both investments and earnings, is something that those who have mastered the Black Chakra (Wealth Chakra) understand.

The nature of using the money mantra is something that only those who have attained siddhi in wealth understand is conceptually something that all can achieve.

Money mantra or the use of the money mantra can be done by all. The money mantra which is 'Aum Shree Mahalakshmiyah Swaha' is something like all mantras that can be repeated to help increase powers, Samadhi (union with God), insight, developments, or even outcomes.

By mastering the money mantra you will learn the secrets to creating wealth, money, money magnetism, and higher realizations surrounding the development and creation of wealth.

Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth, Fortune, and Abundance, is the Goddess who is responsible for altering the vibrational support or field surrounding money, wealth, and abundance.

Although some (generally non Hindus) may express or develop ignorance toward a Goddess other than found within their own religion, one should understand that Jesus, Mohammed, and even Moses, all various Icons, Masters, and Semi-Gods found within each of the traditional western religions themselves can and should be understood as Jesus tells us images of God (Jesus ask us: Is it not written in your laws 'Ye are Gods'?'

Reflection on the nature of the money mantra, like all mantras is a repetitive affirmation, or structure which any individual can repeat. By mentally repeating the money mantra most every day, with focus on creating and attracting more wealth, money, prosperity, and abundance, the vibrations and etheric connection to God Almighty the Source of All-Omnipotency and Abundance (including money, wealth, and abundance) will occur.

As Buddha described what the mind focuses on it will create, using the money mantra is one such way. By achieving siddhi in the money mantra, which is to say achieving 10008 cycles of 108 repetitions, you will well be on your way to more money, abundance, and metaphysical, spiritual and physical abundance.

Try the money mantra! For 5-10 minutes a day, using the money mantra you will increase prosperity, bring about abundance, and increase wealth. The money mantra alongside regular meditation, pranayama (yoga breathing) and even postures will increase the depth of abundance and attractive power which you form.

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