Siddhi Mantra

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Published: 17th November 2009
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Siddhi Mantra

What is the nature of Siddhi Mantra? Siddhi mantra is the process of perfecting or achieving siddhi (spiritual perfection) and mastery of the selected mantra.

Siddhi mantra and perfection of the mantra can be done through repetition, Samadhi, or even using a combination of yoga posture and spiritual connectivity with the chakra system.

In the case of achieving siddhi mantra through repetition one needs to repeat the mantra no less than 10,008 times 108 repetitions.

A concept which has just surfaced and become incorporate in higher level yoga and established through jnana or spiritual wisdom and realization, is that because the complete chakra system is 108 chakra, mastery of mantra needs to be done to engrain each chakra.

For this reason mantras often are taught through incorporating repetitions of cycles of 108 repetitions. Siddhi mantra is 10,008 cycles of the 108 repetitions. In this way you engrain and polarize the mantra through each chakra, becoming an embodiment of the select mantras power.

In the way of Samadhi, by achieving Samadhi in the select mantra often it is enough to have siddhi mantra take place. The key to mastery and siddhi mantra through Samadhi is to become witness of the mantra. By becoming witness of the power of the mantra through Samadhi you will not only achieve siddhi mantra or spiritual perfection of the mantra, but you will also develop the full cycles of what siddhi mantra through repetition would do for you.

Siddhi mantra achieved through using postures or yoga asanas, is a process which has to be developed through use of feeling or clear intuition.

By using one or even all ways of achieving siddhi mantra, or mantra perfection you will develop mastery of the mantra, all its powers, and the development of why the mantra was created. In this way any mantra can be incorporated and become your source of power. In this way I suggest taking the mantra of choice and engraining it by become embodied at each chakra through developing siddhi mantra.

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